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The extensive work experience of our team members is our most important asset. The collective know-how we have gained working on significant projects with leading companies compares well to that of our largest competitors. However, because we operate with a highly cost efficient infrastructure and minimal administrational overheads, we can offer our comprehensive expertise at very economical rates.
Success is a matter of adjusting one's efforts to obstacles and one's abilities to a service needed by others. [Henry Ford]
About us
Client List
Johannes Böck
Johannes Boeck studied computer science in Munich. He has worked on the development, application and adaptation of many cutting edge projects like in the 1980's when he was external advisor in establishing the IT infrastructure for all branch offices of the national central bank in Germany. In this role he was responsible for core system programming and development of a second level support. In the 1990's he defined Internet security standards at the European offices of Compaq Computers and oversaw their implementation and day-to-day application.

Johannes Boeck is currently managing director with SIRIS and director of the JAVA development program.

"Discovery comes from exploration." True to this motto, Johannes Boeck is an enthusiastic traveller and can look back to prolonged work assignments in New York, Southern France, Geneva and Vienna.

Photo: Johannes Böck

Markus Schlüter
Markus Schlüter holds a diploma in computer science. Since 1990 he has been a consultant to or direct employee of a variety of enterprises and authorities. His main interest lies in data analysis, database design and warehousing. He is also experienced in the design and development of client servers systems and SAP implementations. He has enjoyed teamwork in an international environment while working on projects in many European countries and the USA.

Selected projects:
- Design, development and introduction of a product planning and control system for a leading German paper manufacturer.
- Setting-up a European data warehouse for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Systems.
- Introduction of SAP R3.1 in 17 European countries for Compaq Computer Corporation.
- Development of a client/server based control system for compounding system for flavors and fragrances which is in use in over 30 countries world-wide.
Photo: Markus Schlüter
Thomas Schlüter
Thomas Schlüter holds a diploma in electrical engineering. He has worked on planning, implementing and directing projects in the IT and telecommunications industries. He has particular expertise in rollouts, IT development and large scale IT moves, workflow analysis and structuring of new companies.

Of Swiss and German origins, Thomas Schlüter has worked in Europe, the former Soviet Union States and the USA. He also personally interested in Russia and involved in the management of a humanitarian relief organization in Kazakhstan.

1988 -1992: Manager for Distributed Systems, Mummert Consulting.
1992 -1997: Manager of IT infrastructure EMEA, Compaq Computer.
1997- present: Managing Director and Project Manager with SIRIS.
Photo: Thomas Schlüter

Irene Meyer
Irene Meyer holds a major in engineering, Since 1999 she has worked in management of telecommunication projects, including:

- Rollout of 1800 service PCs in truck service stations in several countries.
- Moving head office IT facilities of German Post AG to the new Posttower in Bonn.
- Feeding digital television into the cable system in the nine regional networks of German Telecom. Irene Meyer was involved with controlling, project monitoring, specification of business processes, customer care and call center setup.

Irene Meyer places primary importance on the development of mutual confidence to successfully overcoming the technical challenges of each project. Besides German she also speaks fluent Portuguese, English and French.
Photo: Irene Meyer

Katharina Garussova
Katharina Garussova has worked with various international organizations and companies in the GUS States handling trade-related issues, including logistics, customs regulations and clarification of disputes with authorities. She holds a degree from the Toraigyrov University in Pavlodar, Kazachstan and speaks German, English and Russian.
Photo: Katharina Garussova

Matthias van Hout
Matthias van Hout holds a degree in electronic engineering. While still a student he commenced working for SIRIS, mainly on JAVA programming. Subsequently, he has worked as an independent networking and hardware consultant and website programmer. Additional to his employment in the IT area, he has privately founded a registered computer association, organizes large network meetings and administers several technology discussion panels.
Photo: Matthias van Hout