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Siris products reflect our long practical experience. They can be customized to individual customer requirements. You will be positively surprised of the pricing of our products.
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Siris STEP 1: Your first step to success

Siris STEP 1: simple, flexible, business oriented, integrative, future-proof

Siris STEP 1 is modern and simple. You will be positively surprised about the pricing of Siris STEP 1. Better invest your money into your core business than in expensive names in the software industry.

Siris Step 1 Broschüre
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Again and again we find companies running several software systems in parallel - each of it designed for it’s special purpose, but not capable to share all information among each other. The consequence is to have no system that gives you the full picture. Our intention was to create one single IT-System based on an open, powerful database. This System integrates those “island-systems” and makes their data accessible to everyone within the company who need have access to it. Transparency makes the difference and provides you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your company – everyday. An open database with a data-structure that we reveal to our customers allows your IT-department to develop your own queries and reports. It gives your company the business flexibility to respond to upcoming IT-requirements.


For which companies is Siris STEP 1 designed for?

Siris STEP 1 is a modular standard business software, which supports all major processes within medium Companies. Siris STEP 1 has extensive functionality in parts list processing and is therefore especially attractive for mechanical engineering companies. Interfaces to CAD-Systems like EPLAN or AutoCad allow automated integration of pieces and parts lists designed with these systems. Give your sales department access to technical documentation!

Technical Highlights

Using state-of-the-art technology and industry standards protects your investment in Siris STEP 1:

Easy to learn, windows-style graphical user interface
Program code in JAVA
WEB technology - the program is executed in your browser
Branches and subsidiaries can get access to Siris STEP 1 over the internet
An SQL-database allows full scalability and Siris STEP 1 can keep up with your company growth
Windows Server License is not a requirement for Siris STEP 1. You can deploy it on XP Professional, Windows 2000, Linux or Unix-Server systems
Installation and use of Siris STEP 1 on Notebooks is supported

Siris STEP 1 is designed for full scalability so it can easily keep up with the growth of the company.

There is an ongoing process of maintenance and implementation of additional features into Siris STEP 1.

Siris STEP 1 at a glance:

Comfortable address management system
Order management from offer until completion of order and warranty
Create delivery notes and invoices
Control your stock inventory
Production orders
Parts lists with variants
Article management
Purchase management
Reporting / Calculation of orders
All documents can be printed multilingual (German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish)
Document management e.g. for MS-Office or Adobe Acrobat etc.
Tracking of working time for each order
User administration

Siris Web Package

Our "Siris Web Package" service offer:

We configure and deliver hardware and software according to your requirements
We provide consulting and support for telecommunications and Internet services and devices
If required we provide remote support for your Siris Web Package

SIRIS Web Package "Mail & Surf"

Give your employees access to e-mail and internet, but keep control about cost and security.

We deliver a PC which connects your corporate network to the internet. This PC is sufficiently equipped with communication services and security software.

Technical highlights:

Standard PC with communication adapters for LAN, ISDN and / or DSL
Linux operating system
e-mail server, proxy server and DNS server services
Security software: firewall, SpamFilter, NAT and more

SIRIS Web Package "Homepage"

Get a worldclass WEB Presentation of your company — without signing an expensive service contract.

Technical highlights:

Server PC with communication adapters for LAN and DSL
Linux operating system
WEB server and FTP server services